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Changchun Puyi Research Association
Academic research work is the foundation of the Puppet Manchu Palace Museum. Since the founding of the institute, based on the characteristics of the Tibetan cultural relics resources of the institute, combined with the needs of collaborative research on cultural relics research, exhibition and site renovation, the scientific researchers of the Institute have focused on Puyi and his history of the times, the history of the puppet Manchukuo, the history of the War of Resistance Against Japan, the history of Northeast Asia and the development concept of modern museums, the research of exhibition and literary creation. In professional research fields such as industry, hundreds of academic papers and more than 100 academic monographs have been published, and many national social science fund projects have been undertaken. In recent years, our institute has clearly put forward the working principle of "Academic Academy" and further increased the investment in academic research. Based on the academic research platforms of Puyi Research Institute, Changchun Wenbo Forum, Changchun Puyi Research Institute and Puyi and its Times magazine, the institutes of higher learning, scientific research institutes, museums, archives, etc. Publishing houses and other outside collaborative research forces have steadily and steadily promoted the construction plan of academic research in our institute. We will strive to build our institute into an academic research center for Puyi's life, the history of the Puppet Manchu court, the history of the Northeast occupation, the history of Japanese invasion of China and the collection, exchange and Exhibition Center of cultural materials in the future.

devote themselves to the application and promotion of the research results.
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Old Site Protection
The Puppet Manchukuo Palace, located at No. 5 Guangfubei Road, Changchun City, is the site of the late Qing Dynasty emperor Aixinjueluo Puyi when he was the puppet emperor of the Puppet Manchukuo State, covering an area of 137,000 square meters. There are many existing cultural relics and buildings in the core area, which are divided into the inner court and the outer court with the Zhonghe Gate as the boundary. The Neiting District is the living area of Puyi and his dependents, which mainly includes Zhexilou, Royal Garden, Tongde Hall, Calligraphy and Painting Building, etc. Outer court area mainly includes Qinmin Building, Huaiyuan Building, Jiale Hall, Palace House and so on. It is Puyi's administrative activity area. In addition, there are auxiliary facilities such as the imperial garage, stables, racetrack, flower cellar, guard barracks, special railway lines, founding temples, sacrificial halls, guard barracks and so on.