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Ordinary Ticket: 70 Yuan
Tickets are valid on the same day, single entry and exit.
Free Tickets: $0
It is suitable for disabled persons, children over 65 years old (including 65 years old) and children under 1.3 meters in height. Tickets are valid on the same day, single entry and exit.
Primary School Tickets: 20 Yuan
It is suitable for primary school students. Tickets are only available on the day they are purchased, with a single entry and exit.
Admission Tickets For Students And Soldiers: 30 Yuan
Applicable to students in general higher education, high school education and junior high school education; applicable to servicemen; tickets and admission to show their valid certificates; tickets are valid on the same day, single entry and exit.
Half-Price Ticket: 35 Yuan
Applicable to people over 60 years of age (including 60 years old) and under 65 years of age; tickets and admission must show relevant valid certificates; tickets are valid on the same day, single entry and exit.
Notes on Ticket Purchase
College and middle school students: hold valid student certificates at the stage of general higher education and high school education or can prove their student identity, and foreigners hold relevant valid certificates. At the stage of general higher education, students in Colleges and universities are full-time students, including higher vocational, tertiary and undergraduate students; they are not included in master's and doctoral postgraduates, continuing education students, self-taught examination education students, night school students, correspondence education students, network education students, students of various on-the-job education and various adults. Students of refresher courses.
Active servicemen: Holders of valid military officer certificates issued by the army, military civilian cadre certificates, reserve officer certificates, sergeant certificates, soldier certificates or student certificates can enjoy the corresponding ticket concessions.
Older people over 60 years old (including 60 years old) and under 65 years old can enjoy half-price discount if they hold their valid certificate or retirement certificate.
Old people aged 65 and above: Free tickets are available with their valid certificates.
Persons with disabilities: Holding valid disability certificates issued by the Federation of Disabled Persons, civil affairs departments and the army can enjoy free ticket concessions.
Teachers and journalists do not enjoy preferential treatment.
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