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As a palace relic museum, the Puppet Manchu Palace Museum determines the specificity and limitations of cultural relics collection, as well as the collection scope and characteristics, because of its complexity of historical background. Over the past 50 years, with the great attention of leaders at all levels and the strong support of all walks of life, through allocation, collection and social donation, our institute has collected a large number of puppet Manchu palace cultural relics, Japanese modern and contemporary cultural relics, Northeast modern and contemporary cultural relics, folk cultural relics, modern and representative calligraphy and painting, sculpture, works of non-hereditary successors, etc. Fine works of art.
These include Puyi Diary, Puppet Manchu Ruling Decree, famous Japanese calligraphy, paintings, famous kiln ceramics such as Jiugu, Guodao, Samo, and precious cultural relics such as steam locomotives produced by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1889. Some cultural relics are unique and unique at home and abroad. Our Institute has used these cultural relics to hold various characteristic exhibitions successively, which are welcomed and praised by all walks of life. At the same time, it has also given full play to the role of the cultural relics of the institute.
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