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Royal Stadium
Because Manchu is a nomadic people, its ancestors mainly won the world by riding horses and archery. So emperors of all dynasties in Qing Dynasty advocated horseback hunting and regarded the emperor's horseback Kungfu as the most important skill to train them. Puyi also follows the legacy of his ancestors in this respect, but at this time his immediate kungfu is far from the same as his ancestors.
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Palace Theatre
The Palace Theatre is located in the western part of the Puppet Manchu Palace Museum. The Palace Theatre was restored and constructed in 2004 according to the original appearance of the imperial palace guard hall. In 2017, the Museum built it into a featured performing arts venue. The Palace Theatre has a floor area of 1666 square meters and a stage area of 240 square meters, with 292 seats.
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Master Peng Zushu Studio
With the support of Changchun Municipal Government, Peng Zushu, a master of Chinese arts and crafts, was founded in 2010 in the camp of the guards after the restoration of the Puppet Manchu Palace Museum in order to better "produce works and talents", promote Chinese national culture and add cultural color to Changchun City. Master Peng Zushu's studio was set up in the Puppet Manchu Palace Museum to enrich the visitors'visiting content and present the cultural treasures of the motherland to you.
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We are a glorious volunteer of the Puppet Manchu Palace Museum. In our volunteer service, we will serve the audience with our true feelings, interpret history and spread civilization. Today, we raise our right hand and take a solemn oath together.
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I volunteer to become a glorious volunteer of the Puppet Manchu Palace Museum. I carry forward the volunteer spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress". I do my best to serve the audience, help others, spread museum culture without pay, and contribute to the great development and prosperity of socialist culture.
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