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Calligraphy and Painting Building
Built in 1936, it covers an area of 670 square meters. It is a small two-storey building. The ancient books, paintings, calligraphy and precious cultural relics of the Qing Palace brought by Puyi from the Palace Museum in Beijing are stored here. On the east side of the first floor, there are about 1300 handrolls, including Cao'e Stele, Er Xie Tie, Zhong Yi's characters, monk Huaishu's cursive scripts, Ouyang Xun's ink, Wang Wei's figure paintings, Yan Liben's authentic handwriting and other national treasures. On the west side of the first floor, there are 32 boxes of Song edition books, including Sima Guang's original Zizhi Tongjian, 3 boxes of palace books and 2 boxes of Qing Dynasty emperors'ink. When Puyi fled from the imperial palace, he carefully selected 57 boxes of the most precious collections for easy carrying, all of which were transported to Tonghua Dali Zigou, and the rest were lost.