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Qinmin Building
Founded in 1914, with an area of 1392.7 square meters, it is a two-storey building with European architectural style. The original office building of Jilin-Heilongjiang Chaoyuan Transport Bureau has been rebuilt and maintained as Puyi's office building. In February 1932, when Puyi took office as the "ruling" of the puppet Manchukuo, he thought that the time had come to restore the Qing Dynasty and restore ancestral business, so he named the building after the word "diligent people" in his ancestral motto "respecting the heavens and fathers and loving the people diligently". There are four waiting rooms on the first floor, which are places where Japanese puppet officials are qualified to wait for Puyi's call. The Office of Emperor's Royal Hang Jigang Anzhi is also located on the first floor. On the second floor, there are the main hall and diligent people's hall holding the Grand Canon. In addition, there are Dongben Hall, Xiben Hall, Banquet Hall, Buddhist Hall and so on.