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Zhexi Building
Founded in 1914, with a building area of 1036 square meters, it is a European-style two-storey building with a green brick and iron roof. Formerly the office building of Jihei Yunnan Bureau, it was rebuilt and repaired before April 3, 1932, and became the dormitory of Puyi and his concubines Wanrong and Tan Yuling. Puyi named the building after the sentence of "Respect to the Emperor Yu Zhexi" in the Book of Songs Daya Wenwang. On the west side of the first floor was Puyi's living room. After Tan Yuling entered the palace in 1937, it was transformed into Tan Yuling's living area. On the east side of the first floor, it was the living area of palace girls and eunuchs. On the second floor, Puyi living area is on the west side and Wanrong living area is on the East side.