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Tongde Temple

Founded in 1937 and completed in late 1938, with a construction area of 5758 square meters, it is a two-storey palace-style building integrating political activities, daily life and entertainment. Puyi, in order to show his concerted efforts with the Japanese aggressors, named Tongde Palace as the meaning of "Sunman, One De and One De".

The first floor is Puyi's place for dealing with government affairs and entertainment, mainly including Guangjian, Kobao, waiting room, casual room, China, piano room, billiards room, Japan, cinema hall, etc. The second floor was originally designed as a dormitory for Puyi and Wanrong. Puyi suspected that the Japanese had never used the eavesdropping equipment in Tongde Hall. After Li Yuqin entered the palace in 1943 and was named as a blessed noble, he lived in Wanrong's dormitory, which was an unprecedented event in Chinese history.